Customers are at the core of our philosophy and management model. We want to grow by working together, offering our customers the best comprehensive solutions, from products, manufacturing and packaging to distribution services and logistical optimisation

Product development

We offer our customers healthy, balanced recipes, in line with the latest dietary trends and the most recent presentation formats, adapting them to the tastes of each market.

Our range features different types of products and formats, from single-product bases to mixed products, complete salads and fresh, ready-to-eat or cook vegetable and produce dishes. We also offer a fresh assortment of vegetable spreads perfect to go with our salads and vegetable dishes.

Packaging Design

We take card down to the smallest detail in all phases of product development. As such, we collaborate with packaging design experts who help us to create the most attractive options to present our customers’ products, and which preserve the freshness and quality that make us stand out from the rest.

In collaboration with our suppliers, we always seek to offer new more sustainable packaging options which provide added value for our customers and respond to current market demands.


We boast a highly versatile, technologically advanced plant that allows us to develop different types of packaging for a wide variety of products ‒ from single-product bases and mixed products as well as assorted recipes ‒ in one of our various formats, in bags or in bowls. We offer other special formats custom made for the Food Service and Horeca channels.


We innovate in all the sectors of our logistics system by applying efficiency and sustainability criteria. Digitalisation and innovative SAP technology systems allow us to optimise the logistics processes, both in preparing orders and in managing the storage facilities and distribution operations.

We also collaborate with a specialised partner that provides us agile and safe solutions to distribute and transport our products, with optimal routes that guarantee efficient delivery with perfect traceability.